Transourcing: A Pragmatic New Strategy for Enterprise Competitiveness >Enable agility through innovative partner collaboration >Tap new customers in mature and emerging markets


Moscow, RussiaTransourcing™ is a breakthrough approach to transforming industrial era companies and government agencies into agile, collaborative, networked enterprises. It works according to these simple, powerful premises:

  1. The enterprise has a strategic need to become far more focused, adaptive and innovative to meet the challenges of more volatile consumer (and B2B) markets in mature economies and new consumers in emerging markets. Transourcing™ enables companies to unbundle, incrementally and profitably.
  2. Successful outsourcing becomes a virtuous cycle: the more proficient the company becomes, the more it can do. Outsourcing is a pragmatic means to agility and innovation.
  3. Processes learned in pursuit of efficiency can be reused to drive innovation by spontaneously sourcing expertise wherever and whenever it emerges.
  4. Repeatable innovation requires collaboration among diverse parties with varied points of view. Networked organizations excel at rapidly mobilizing diverse resources.
  5. This transformation process requires a strategic focus on outsourcing as a core competency.

Transourcing™: a two-fold value proposition

  • Tactical: increases outsourcing ROI while it creates an enterprise core competency in outsourcing and collaboration. This allows the enterprise to unbundle many of its tightly coupled processes. It creates a virtuous cycle that maximizes outsourcing efficiency and enables more outsourcing.
  • Strategic: builds collaborative loosely coupled business processes with partners, increasing the scope and scale of the enterprise's innovation capability. Builds the process structure to rapidly onboard expert specialists' capabilities. Its global execution network gives the enterprise access to emerging market businesses, workers and consumers.
Outsourcing is a rare opportunity to transform the enterprise into a networked entity—while increasing profitability.

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