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Casablanca, Morocco, MarocThis is a simple version of one of the tools I use when assessing client organizations. It is designed to enable you to experiment with some of the techniques. Please contact us with questions and comments.


Welcome to the Transourcing™ Diagnostic, which works with the Transourcing™ Enterprise Roadmap to assist executives with improving enterprise ROI on their outsourcing activities.

The goal of the Diagnostic is to place your company within the appropriate stage of the Enterprise Roadmap in order to begin transformation work. It works by asking questions that relate to the major milestones of each Transformation Stage. Of course, some companies have achieved milestones in several stages, but your responses will clearly place you in a Transformation Stage. Once the Diagnostic places you in a stage, you can focus on attaining the milestones required to progress to the next Transformation Stage.

This version of the Diagnostic is derived from a much more rigorous version that we use when consulting to clients, and it is meant to be illustrative yet meaningful.

Self-administering the Survey

Download the survey form. Answer each question by entering the value of the "Yes points" or "No points" number in the "Score" cell. The questions have been written to optimize your time and to return a meaningful result. Many respondents find that they can satisfy part of a question but not all of its conditions. When this is the case, please enter the "No" value.

In this paper version, you will need to total the score of each of the four Stages and calculate its average in the cell to the right of each total.

Your company's scores in each Transformation Stage will fall at the minimum threshold of the higher stages and within one of the lower stages. For example, the minimum threshold score of Stage IV is 49, Stage III is 55 and Stage II is 20. A company scoring 1.75 in Stage I would be between its minimum threshold of 1.25 and its maximum of 2.88. Such a company would typically score 20 for Stage II, 55 for Stage III and 49 for Stage IV. Since its score falls *within* Stage I, it would begin work at Stage I of the Enterprise Roadmap.

It is also possible to score within the thresholds of two different Transformation Stages. For example, many companies score 2.13 for Stage I and 4.20 for Stage II. In this case, the lower Transformation Stage score usually takes precedence because there are several milestones to go in Stage I.

Understanding Results

Once you have calculated your company's score, please download the Enterprise Roadmap Executive Summary to learn more about the Transformation Stages. Thank you for your interest.

Measuring your multidisciplinary capabilities relevant to transformation through sourcing is the first step to success.

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