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Bangkok, ThailandLeaders around the world stand at the threshold of a new era in which an intimately connected global world is actionable, and those who realize it first will have the advantage to proactively reform their organizations around it. Our goal is to help you be among the early movers.

We invite your call to discuss any of these issues or your inquiry into any aspect of how Transourcing™ works. Because many of the concepts are emerging and leading edge, we devote considerable time to thought leadership. Here are some suggestions for you to find further information:

Other opportunities for getting involved are:

  • Invite us to lead a round table or to present at your group or association
  • Join In Advance, our collaborative community of corporate executives, outsourcing specialists and consultants. Transourcing™ is developing quickly, and members are the first to know about new developments.

In Advance, Transourcing™'s Thought Leadership Community

In Advance is a group of leaders who are passionate about the drivers of global change and strategic sourcing's role in transforming Industrial Economy enterprises. Some member activities are:

  • Participate on-line and in face to face meetings in discussions about their challenges with effecting transformation.
  • Collaborate on thought leadership.
  • Preview advanced Transourcing™ offerings and pilots.

If you would like to be considered for membership, please Contact us .

We look forward to discussing these topics with you and exploring how they might make the difference for your company.

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