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Tools and Work

Bangalore, IndiaThe Transourcing™ tools distill extensive consulting experience and research into a repeatable, scalable approach for achieving transformation while delivering measurable, business value. They apply many best practices from advanced software development and corporate strategy: delivery cycles are relatively short, and collaboration and knowledge transfer with management and professionals is substantial. It's a simple fact that today's executives manage to short cycles, and measurable benefits are mandatory. But so is transformation, so the tools and approach deliver both.

  • The Enterprise Roadmap describes what happens to the enterprise during the transformation process in terms of Transformation Stages and major milestones.
  • The Diagnostic is used to assess a company's knowledge and skills relevant to Transourcing™, so executives know what Transformation Stage their company is in. We invite you to learn how it works by self-administering the Website version of the Diagnostic!
  • The Transformation Framework is how the enterprise transforms itself; it is an integrated set of activities and services used by the company to set specific goals and design projects.
  • The Adoption Curve explains the drivers behind transformation at a global level. Its Transfiguration Phases detail how change drivers strengthen or dampen each other's effects over time. The Roadmap is the micro view of transformation while the Adoption Curve is the macro view.
  • The Book synthesizes the drivers and rationale behind Transourcing™, along with its tools and approaches. Its purpose is chiefly educational; however, it packages the concepts, approaches and tools so they they are actionable.

Working with Us

Our consulting team is ready to assist you in understanding how to use outsourcing to produce unprecedented short- and long-term results. There are several ways to work with us.

The enterprise is becoming networked and virtual. How proactive do you want to be in controlling your company's destiny?

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