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Tools and Work/Working with Us

Boston, MA, USAThe Transourcing™ consulting team has decades of experience with multiple aspects of enterprise transformation. We are trusted advisors to executives of global enterprises with multifaceted expertise in corporate strategy, IT strategy, corporate innovation, business architecture, marketing strategy and knowledge strategy.

Executives especially value working with us because we understand that corporate change is a creative process with high stakes and visibility; however, by using world class expertise and discipline with the right attitude, we can work together to mitigate your risk and enhance reward. Moreover, we adapt our approach to your situation; although we give you the benefit of our past experience, we don't adhere to an overly rigid methodology.

We enter new relationships as explorations because we don't assume that your company is a candidate for Transourcing™. We will work together to determine whether the approach can help you meet your goals. Executives derive significant value from the exploration process itself because we develop strategic insights into the emerging market forces that challenge them every day.

Using the Transformation Framework

Buenos Aires, ArgentinaA key differentiating characteristic of Transourcing™ is its focus on using outsourcing strategically to transform the organization. Therefore, we usually begin with several short workshops that feature discussion about the drivers that are pressuring every industry and company, and we explore how they are affecting your company specifically. We also begin to draw stakeholders together into a team that can effectively execute a transformation strategy. We serve as a sounding board for dissenting opinions, and we assist you in drawing them together into a cohesive understanding of transformation drivers and your opportunities and threats. We delve into what business you are in and why, how you create durable differentiated value.

Seen from the standpoint of transformation and strategic sourcing, these things are critical because they serve as shared understanding for stakeholders to subsequently decide what your core competencies are and how you will strengthen them as you increasingly source expertise and services from "outside" the organization to drive your agility and time to market. Strategy is crucial in a networked environment, where you have to be sure of your company's distinct value and competencies.

Two other elements of the Transourcing™ approach bear mention here:

  • The first is the observation that all companies are beginning to feel the impact of a building "customer revolution," and part of our initial exploration is developing insight into how your customers experience your company. A lion's share of opportunities and threats will stem from this shift, and it will guide you in transforming your business.
  • The second is Transourcing™'s focus on innovation. We firmly believe that innovation will be the lifeblood of the enterprise in the Knowledge Economy and, frankly, those companies that don't achieve a quantum leap in innovation capability will be seriously compromised. Therefore, we develop an understanding of innovation's past and current role in your company so that we can advise you on ramping up your innovation performance.

After the workshops, we assess your company's relevant skills and experiences with outsourcing, collaboration, enterprise architecture, knowledge management and others relevant to the networked, collaborative enterprise. The outcome of the assessment places your company into one of the Enterprise Roadmap's Transformation Stages, and we fully explain what next steps would be.

We would welcome the chance to discuss any of these topics with you.

Today, many business drivers are changing quickly, and you have a rare chance to create extraordinary value.

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